[Western] Sunday Practice In BlackLake?

Dirk the Dead dirkthedead at cox.net
Sat Oct 11 00:38:54 PDT 2003

You have a number I'll be able to reach you at?  I really won't know until
tomorrow night if I'll be abel to get out there.  I've got two major
projects due this week and me, in my finite genius, has not worked on them
at all.  If I can make it, what time are you looking at?

Umm... so anyone from Black Lake planning on making this semi-impromtu
fighter practice in Black Lake????

Dirk the surprised that Chiang has a mind (inquiring or not...)

Damn.. I'm going to get hit really hard for that one this weekend......

> Well if nothing else we can use my brother's back yard. Does Black Lake
> a regular place for practice?
> Chiang, who has an inquiring mind

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