[Western] College Cancelation

HE Kainin Tepesa kainin at copycraft.com
Sat Oct 11 00:37:45 PDT 2003

Greetings unto the West,

Even the best laid plans must change. We had planned to hold a 
Pre-Twelfth Night College in Bonwicke next Saturday, we had announced 
this prior to Gothic and had teachers, site and all other details 
worked out. However, since that time, all our dance teachers have had 
other obligations come up that have caused them to cancel, the last 
this week. Since the main point of the college was to teach dance, we 
feel it best to cancel the college. We hope this does not cause any 
problems for those of you that were planning to come. We encourage 
you all, instead, to travel to Blacklake for Western Sentinel. This 
is for the best, as we have felt bad ever since Western Sentinel came 
together. It was never our intent to compete for a date with any of 
our kinsman in the West and had we known they would be planning an 
event on the weekend coinciding with the day we had previously 
announced we would have chosen otherwise. We had asked Earl Aaron and 
Countess Britta to hold court that day in our stead and they 
graciously accepted. As this cancelation is so last minute, we would 
wish that those plans continue and bow to their precedence. We know 
that they have made plans to this end and we wish for those plans to 
continue. This also gives us the opportunity to travel to the Barony 
of Bjornsburg, in the hopes of catching the Crown to swear anew our 
fealty to Them as is our duty and privilege. We had planned to do 
this at Gothic and since They could not attend we have been looking 
for a new time in our schedules to do so. We hope that Western 
Sentinel is a rousing success and know that we will miss seeing you 

In service,
Baron Kainin Tepesa
Lord Bonwicke

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