[Western] Crescent Wrench I

Jane Lusk jlusk at crcom.net
Sun Oct 12 13:10:52 PDT 2003

Greetings unto all in the Western Region!

The Shire of Crossrode Keep is honored to host the first Western Region
Roundtable, Crescent Wrench I.  I have a few thoughts and questions on
the meeting, as we hope to host something beneficial to all attendees
(is that a real word?).  

Firstly--I've attended one King's Round Table.  Are we looking at
something along that line:  A general meeting, then break up into
groups, and then a closing meeting?  I'm just asking to see if we'll
need more that one room.  Will our Regional Seneschal chair the
meeting?  Or, do we want something less formal than this?  Your input is

Secondly--The calendar for January is filling up.  If we want our
meeting before King's Round Table, that leaves the 1st weekend of
January, which conflicts with Steppes 12th Night.  Is that a problem? 
The following weekends are filled with Coronation (9-11), King's Round
Table (16-18), Queens Champion (23-24), and Kingdom A&S (30-1). I
foresee no problem reserving the church hall for any of those weekends,
but would like to get our reservation in early, anyway.

More stuff--Do we want a sandwich sideboard for the noon meal, or bring
potluck dishes?  I believe Crossrode can do a simple sideboard for us,
if that's okay with y'all.  Is 9:00am a good time to start, or would
10:00 be better for those of you traveling the farthest?  

Any suggestions for this first-of-hopefully-many wrenches will be
appreciated.  You certainly may contact me off-list if you want.

Your friend,
Lady Elewys
Seneschal on Training Wheels

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