[Western] Helm Crest Class Oct 28

Paula Hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 14 09:24:17 PDT 2003

I suppose by now everyone has heard that we here in Bonwicke have had to cancel our
pre-Twelfth Night college. But fear not, the classes are still going to be held,
they are just going to be split up and divvied out to our Tuesday night A&S

The first class will be the first Tuesday night held indoors for the season -
October 28th, and Lord Jasper Codrington will be holding his Helm Crest Construction
class. Remember that helm crests are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED, NAY, REQUIRED for the
Twelfth Night tourney, so all you CHIVALRIC FIGHTERS will want to come and get some
ideas! But, of course, everyone should come out and support these classes and learn
something new. I'm told that Jasper's own Helm crest came out wonderfully well, so
there will be some stiff competition at Twelfth Night!

Class will start at 7:00pm and run until 9:00pm, Tuesday, October 28 at the home of
Baron Kainin and Baroness Oriana, 5436-31st St, Lubbock.

We hope to see many there!

Lady Bonwicke

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