[Western] Western Sentinal

Charlie Cain / Larkin O'Kane larkinokane at cox.net
Mon Oct 20 09:45:39 PDT 2003

Yeah Blacklake!!  Western Sentinel was a huge success!!!

The park was lucious green grass with only a sprinkling of goatshead
stickers and gopher holes. They even managed a grimlin to turn on the
sprinkler system at midnight. Did you know that a tumble weed would block a

The heavy tourney was fought to a fine finish with Baron Gavin squeeking
past Countess Britta to become the new Western Sentinal. And who can forget
His excelency chasing the invading Outlander thru feast with that "huge
hunking knife"?

Feast was an elaborate culinary treat of period dishes to delight the
palate. If there is not an award for culinary excellence in period feasting
then there should be.

The bardic competition was won by Lord Ian's tale of a daughter and a
father's promise.

And then the sprinklers came on and marched like a slow moving shield wall
thru camp.

It was a lot of fun..
Huzzah  Blacklake!!!

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