[Western] Helm Crest Class/Lord Jasper

Paula Hanna pippermint at sbcglobal.net
Tue Oct 21 08:53:12 PDT 2003

Greetings all,

I would like to take a moment and again invite everyone to come to our home NEXT
Tuesday night, October 28th, for the beginning of our winter A&S nights. Lord Jasper
Codrington will be teaching his Helm Crest construction class for all of the
chivalric fighters and any others who would be interested. It should prove to be a
great little class! I would like to remind the chivalric fighters that Helm Crests
are REQUIRED to enter the Twelfth night tourney this year. Crests do not have to be
displayed (although, that is where the populace will vote for the Best Helm Crest,
and wouldn't that look spectacular? To have a whole row of nothing but crests from
within the Barony?), but they DO have to be presented in procession before the
gallery and are therefore required.

We would ask that all those wishing to come to the class would bring thier own
chairs to sit upon. We have SOME chairs, but not THAT many. Again the address is
5436-31st St (that's the corner of Chicago and 31st).

Also I would like to commend Lord Jasper on his exemplary performance at Deeds of
Heroes in Bjornsborg this past weekend. I had the distinct privelege to be his
consort on the field of honor, and I was well-represented and honored by his
graciousness for as always he carrried himself with dignity and poise and presented
himself as the very picture of courtesy, forthrightness and chivalry, winning for
himself the esteemed and prestigeous title of Hero of Bjornsborg. My dear Lord
Jasper, congratulations!

Baroness Oriana
Lady Bonwicke

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