[Western] Trelac Fall Festival

Dirk the Dead dirkthedead at cox.net
Fri Oct 22 06:45:28 PDT 2004

Greetings to the populace of Ansteorra,

In only a couple weeks time, the Shire of Trelac will be holding our Fall
Festival.  We hope to convince many of our brothers and sisters from across
the kingdom to come celebrate the coming cool weather that will soon sweep
across this great kingdom.

There shall be a Chivalric list and a Rapier list.  Both are going to be run
so that each fighter fights as many times as he or she would like.  The
weapon styles will be open.

The A&S display will center on Ansteorran Favorites.  Come show your mastery
at Arts and Sciences with an Ansteorran flair.  Judging will be by populace
popular vote.

The bardic competition will begin on the list field during the Chivalric and
Rapier tournies.  The final round shall be performed during feast for the
enjoyment of all.  First two rounds will be open, while for the last we ask
for Ansteorran favorites.

Knife, axe and spear throwing will also be held, space permitting.

Feast will be provided by Efflim.  If you missed his wonderful feast at
Crown Tournament, be sure to make it to the Fall Festival!

The menu will include both Beef and Pork.  Cheeses, bread, and a vegetable
dish will also be served.  Please email him for specific dietary concerns at
caern_stonecrypt at hotmail.com
Please bring a table and chairs for your group, as there are very few on

The event will be a camping event, but if you do not wish to brave the
weather, hotels can be found a half hour away in San Angelo.  There are no
showers on site, but there is one bathroom with flush toilets on site.
Portajohns will also be available.

The Site/Feast fee has been advertised as a straight $12.  This is due to a
change in management of the park.  For those who choose to not partake in
feast, please email me privately so that we can make other arrangements.
dirkthedead at cox.net

We will have a wonderful time and hope our family from the other parts of
the Kingdom can make the pilgramage to our small corner of this great
Kingdom.  I'll happily answer any questions you may have.

Directions to site and a map can be found here:

In Service,

Dieterich von Trier
dirkthedead at cox.net

Schedule of Events for Trelac's Fall Festival

    Site opens at Noon
    9am        Wake up Call
    10am        Armour inspection begins
                    All A&S projects should be taken to the list field for
    11am        Tournaments begin
                    First two bardic rounds will take place
                    Knife Axe and Spear will begin
    3pm        Please pick up A&S displays
    6pm        Feast
                   Final round of Bardic
    7pm        Court
    Site closes at Noon

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