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Tiffany Geisendorff thebrutelyone at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 27 11:40:55 PDT 2004

Unto the Great Kingdom of Ansteorra, I, Britta MacGregor, send greetings and sincere gratitude regarding Crown Tournament.
As autocrat for Crown Tournament, I would like to take a moment to thank Their Majesties for the opportunity for Trelac to host the event.  Also, I want to send thanks to:
Brynach (Aflac) Efflam for cooking feast
House Corsair for serving feast
Lady Genevieve del Gamba for waterbearing & Chirurgeon
HL Safiye and Chiara for Trolling
The very nice, young lady, who volunteered that morning to help with heralding 
Lord Gerrold von Drakenole for heralding
Guillermo Roberto di Collina for nasty-o-crat
Baroness Orianna for being prepared for A&S that the rain canceled
Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose for feast counseling
Members of the Shire of Trelac
and to everyone who attended and shared in that day making it so special.  It is so hard to thank a few, for without the smiles, cheers, and friendship of all who attended, the day would not have been complete.  THANK YOU!
Sir Britta MacGregor

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