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Tue Feb 1 19:39:02 PST 2005

Good Gentles of the Western Region, the Shire of Trelac sends you greetings!

Each of you are invited to join us for a day of classes, food and discussion.  Crescent Wrench is just around the corner on February 12, 2005 to be held at the Southwest Bible Institute, 3000 San Antonio St., San Angelo, Tx.  

Gate opens at 9 am.  Classes will begin at 10:30 am.  Lunch will be brisket sandwiches and tea at noon.  Please bring your feast gear.  There will be a sink to wash up in.  Also, if you have any special dietary concerns, please make other arrangements for your lunch.  There is no charge for this event or lunch.  There will be authorizations and more classes beginning at 1 pm.  The populous meeting will begin at 3 pm.  Site closes strictly at 5 pm.  

After the event, we will be moving for an after-revel to Gavin & Safiye's house.  There is also a demo scheduled for Sunday at Specialties in Southwest Plaza.  Last time we did a demo at this shop, we ended up with 2 new members.  It looks to be another good time and we would welcome anyone interested in joining us.  There will be more on this posted by Faolon.

For those who need crash space, please speak to Faolon & I or Gavin & Safiye as soon as possible to make arrangements.  There is limited space available.  Some of the hotels in the area are as follows:

Motel 6 - 325-658-8061 rates are $39.99 for 1 up to $51.99 for 4.
Best Western - 325-223-1273 rates are $63.50 for 1 up to $75.55 for 4.
Inn of the Conchos - 325-658-2811 rates are $49.95 for a single up to $59.95 for a double.

Remember, if you want to teach a class, let me know!  

Check our website at http://trelac.ansteorra.org/ for more information.  

Lady Muirghein MacKiernan
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