[Western] URGENT: Crescent Wrench

Kathryn Childress safiye1 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 11 06:10:33 PST 2005

I will have my cell phone on site with me.  If anyone needs to get ahold of 
us for directions or whatever == 325-234-4823


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Subject: [Western] URGENT: Crescent Wrench
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 07:43:46 -0600

I seem to have forgotten something in my directions to the site.  Sorry!  
There will also be signs, though.

Southwest Bible Institute, 3000 San Antonio St., San Angelo, Tx.
 >From Hwy 87 driving south, turn right onto Loop 306.  (Hwy 67 becomes Loop 
306, so just stay on it)  Take the Arden/Glenna exit and cross over the 
bridge to the other side of the highway.  TURN LEFT ONTO THE NORTHBOUND 
ACCESS ROAD. Stay on the access road to Alexander St.  Turn right.  The SBI 
building is on the right.

We may have found a park for authorizations about a block or so away, so 
hopefully, we won't be on a parking lot, after all!  Yeah, Safiye!

Sorry about the confusion, guys!

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