[Western] surgery update on Agnarrs son Kief

agnarr agnarr at cox.net
Mon Feb 28 16:26:26 PST 2005

Hey all,

I just wanted to let everyone know that my youngest son Kief (Not Sir Kief) had brain surgery on Friday to correct his brain compression at the brain and spinal column area.  He is recovering at this time and will hopefully be allowed to go home from the Childrens Hospital here in Lubbock on Wednesday at the earliest.  He had no major problems with the surgery and is doing ok other then some bouts with nausea when he tries to sit up to fast in his bed but he is expected to have a full recovery.   However it will still be some time before we know if this surgery will help with his eyesight or if the damage to the optical nerves was permanent.  And it goes without saying will be awhile before he starts going to events again as we want him to heal first.

Finally, Linda asks that I say thanks to those that called and or e-mailed us asking about his surgery. My family is thankful for those words of encouragement and prayers as they really mean alot to us. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay on sending a message about how he is doing but I have been at the hospital alot and today I finally found a computer that I am able to post to the internet on here in Lubbock and I thought that sending a quick message to these lists would be faster then e-mailing everyone individually as I do not have everyones address on hand. 

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