[Western] Greeting unto the Good People of the Western Region:

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Tue Apr 4 01:00:21 PDT 2006

Welcome Ann.

It's gonna be fun having you as WR hospitaler.

WR Sc ribe


Greeting unto the Good People of the Western Region:

My name is Anastasiya Feodorovna and I started playing in 1987 at the
good Barony of Namron.  I moved to Bonwicke in the latter part of 1988
with my  Husband Sir Maximillian.

I know many of you do not know me for I have not appeared much due to
mundane concerns and life.  But I have still played when I could.  Our
life is changing somewhat and we are beginning to have more time to
play. Soooooooo! It seems, I have this uncontrollable need to hold an
office, ( I just stepped down from WR Exchequer)  which led me to
apply for the position of Western Regional Hospitaler.  I have held
the deputy position of Bonwicke's local many years ago.  That was
under the guiding hand of Lady Deidra the Easily Distracted.  She
taught me many good habits that have now become a natural part of me. 
I hope that in the position of Western regional hospitaler,  I can
help the local hospitalers encourage and promote the Grandeur that is
the Western Region to bring a stronger light to the area.

I would also like to check with everyone to see it any groups have
plans for August 4-6th.  If not I would like to have a Pennsic Pity
Party at my house that weekend.  But if plans are in the works PLEASE
go forward with the group plans.

In service to King and the Western Region

HE Anastasiya

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