[Western] Introduction

sweber@nmt.edu sweber at nmt.edu
Fri Apr 14 13:33:40 PDT 2006

Hello everyone,
 I just wanted to post a quick introduction, as I'll be moving to the
Midland/Odessa area this summer (probably in early August) and will be
lurking here to find out what's going on.
 In the SCA, I'm Siubhan, an Elizabethan era Scot, who is interested in
playing music, court dancing,costuming, heraldry and the equestrian
activities. I joined the SCA in 1983 in al-Barran, and have played on and
off since then. I haven't been doing much in the SCA lately, but hope to
get involved when I get there.
 Although I don't do much of it in the SCA, I'm also very interested in
bellydance. I'd love to get into contact with anyone who is dancing in
the area, or even people who would like to learn (I started dancing
around the same time as joining the SCA).
 We'll be travelling to the area a few times over the summer to begin
looking for a house, and if we can coordinate it with an event, meeting
or practice, I'll try to stop by!

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