[Western] [Bonwicke] Crescent Wrench / Bonwicke College - Nov.18

HE Kainin Tepesa kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 17:13:33 PST 2006

Yahoo is bad about that and it never fails that it
does that delayed posting thing on something like
this. You will probably get the other email about the
college tomorrow. 

If anyone else is having this problem, there was 2
messages posted about the college. If you only got
one, the other is coming.


--- Melinda <melindaaerin at cox.net> wrote:

>  Thank you your Excellency! Another friend forwarded
> me the email that had
> been sent to the list because Yahoo didn't send the
> original email to my
> mailbox. I apologize for any confusion or
> inconvience.
> In Service,
> Aerin

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