[Western] Day in Ireland Thanks

muirghein muirghein at plaiddragon.net
Mon Nov 6 18:46:22 PST 2006

I want to thank everyone who helped make Day in Ireland an enjoyable day.


Lady Caite, my co-autocrat, without whom I would not have stayed sane. You
know I was only kidding when I said I wanted a blood sacrifice!

Lady Behiye, my feastocrat, who made an incredible feast that ALL could
enjoy. You rock! is a direct quote, I believe.

Lady Nikaia, who ran gate. Your sanity is in question!

Baron Gavin, who ran an awesome heavy list. Congrats to Lord Fernando of
Artemisia for winning!

Lord Byron, who did an incredible job running the knife, axe & spear, as
usual. He also won! Surprise! :-)

Lady Jamie for running the scavenger hunt. That looked like fun!

Ron for running the bardic. This was his first event, guys! Contrats to
Quill, though the only entrant, did a beautiful job! Can’t wait to see more
of you! 

Martha, thank you for keeping the fighters and marshals from dehydrating in
that deceptive weather and then entertaining the kids with a game of

I also want to thank the following people for doing all of the odd jobs and
cool stuff that made this so much fun: Rizzardo, Marsha, Thudric, Lorenda,
Jara, Janet, Larkin, Gerald, Phillip, Ryah, and I know I’m missing some of
you. Please know that I appreciate everything you all did.


A very tired, grateful autocrat,




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