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Bethany allasa at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 05:05:39 PST 2006

Does anyone know when pre-registration ends? I'm looking and can't find it.
I don't know what dates I'll have my vacation quite yet, but I'm hoping I'll
be able to go this year.

 - Alasa

On 11/21/06, Gavin <barongavin at cox.net> wrote:
>  Greeting unto the Western Region:
> As we all know Gulf Wars is fast approaching and it's time to start
> pre-registering.  You can now pre-register on-line (www.gulfwars.org) as
> well as by snail mail.  And when you do, I need the following information:
>    - date of arrival
>    - size of your tent including guide ropes (each pre-registered
>    person gets a 15x15 space)
>    - where the door falls on your tent - long or short side
>    - period or modern tent
> Due to the rapid growth of the War, you must now pre-register if you wish
> to camp with your Region.  If you are not  pre-registered and are not on my
> list.... you will NOT be camping with the Western Region.  We are that
> limited on space folks.
> So if there is any chance at all that you're going to the War - go ahead
> and pre-register now.
> If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 325-223-8784 or
> barongavin at cox.net
> Thank you for your time.  Pre-register!!!
> Gavin - Western Region Land Coordinator for Gulf Wars
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