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Sat Nov 25 18:43:16 PST 2006

Snail Mail registration has to be postmarked by January 31 so online 
registration should run through the middle of January at least.    Just keep 
checking the gulfwars.org site.  There is usually a countdown calendar/timer 
when pre-registration is about to run out.

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Does anyone know when pre-registration ends? I'm looking and can't find it.
I don't know what dates I'll have my vacation quite yet, but I'm hoping I'll
be able to go this year.

- Alasa

On 11/21/06, Gavin <barongavin at cox.net> wrote:
>  Greeting unto the Western Region:
>As we all know Gulf Wars is fast approaching and it's time to start
>pre-registering.  You can now pre-register on-line (www.gulfwars.org) as
>well as by snail mail.  And when you do, I need the following information:
>    - date of arrival
>    - size of your tent including guide ropes (each pre-registered
>    person gets a 15x15 space)
>    - where the door falls on your tent - long or short side
>    - period or modern tent
>Due to the rapid growth of the War, you must now pre-register if you wish
>to camp with your Region.  If you are not  pre-registered and are not on my
>list.... you will NOT be camping with the Western Region.  We are that
>limited on space folks.
>So if there is any chance at all that you're going to the War - go ahead
>and pre-register now.
>If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 325-223-8784 or
>barongavin at cox.net
>Thank you for your time.  Pre-register!!!
>Gavin - Western Region Land Coordinator for Gulf Wars

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