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Thu Dec 4 15:21:04 PST 2008

I hope everyone is excited about the upcoming demo.  We have gotten some great publicity this year from newspaper, T.V., radio, and the Chamber of Commerce.  We need everyone's participation to make this a memorable event.  Remember, its not just about recruitment, but a chance to do some public service for the downtown and area children.  A couple of last requests:

We will probably be down in numbers this year after loosing half the Western Region.  Last year half of our participants came from outside the Shire.  We can make up for this loss by adding some extra enthusiasm and "bling," or stuff to show off.  I know that Jean Marc will be bringing some of his armor and swords,  Faolon is doing a video presentation, and Hugh is bringing an assortment of musical instruments for display.  (Pam do you want to bring your harp?)  We will also have some banners and pennants to hang up, but if any of you have a banner to put up or something else that can be put on display, please bring it (by 9:00 will be best).   It will add to the ambiance of our event.  We will have tables set up and someone to watch the stuff.  

We also need garb for the mundanes to wear if they want their picture taken by CVS Pharmacy in garb.  If you have some garb that we can lend for this purpose we would appreciate your bringing it.  Anyone who can bring  a dress form on which we can display garb, that would also be appreciated.  

If I have forgotten anything that you think would make our event special please bring it anyway.  Also, don't forget to bring an unwrapped toy for the "Toys for Tots" drive.  Dress warm, especially in the morning and don't forget to bring your own water and food.   There will be no water bearers :-)  Finally, don't forget to invite all your family and friends.  

One more thing: some of us will be there at 8:30 on Saturday morning to set up the stage, lyst field, tables, banners, etc.  If you want to join us, your help would be most appreciated.  Parking for both the early birds and late comers will not be off Concho.  Enter the parking lot off Chadbourne street to park in the parking lot to the east and slightly north of where we will be setting up.

Hope this explains everything.  Give me a call if it doesn't.  

See you on Saturday, and don't forget the revel afterwards.


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