abusive e-mail from Litch

Mike Clay mclay
Tue Feb 28 08:33:17 PST 1995

    Some events have transpired recently which bother me greatly.
We are all aware of the situation concerning Litch.  What bugs me is
You dont have to be a member to use this list, you dont have to use this
list if you are a member.  This is just a useful means for us to communicate
things concerning our pastime (i.e. the SCA).  What goes on here should
stay here and that means Email too.
    I was very upset that my weekend was interupted by MUNDANE activities.
ESPECIALLY those of the political sort.  I am aware of the text of Litch's
note, but I am much more offended by the resulting replies.  Maybe I should
ask for those people to be removed from this list (as was suggested publicly
yesterday).  I think not.

    Have you people read the Netiquette document?

    Haven't you ever been flamed before?

    Have you even SEEN a flame before.

I would suspect not.  I am not condoning Litch's actions, but you have been
treated mildly.  What are you going to do when you get flamed on Usenet
proper?  You can't run to the Baron then.  He wont be able to help, and it
is much more likely that you will be ignored or even flamed yet again by any
sys-admins involved.  (Our sys-admins here are rather pleasant, esp. in
comparisson to many others I know of out there.)

Maybe we should just disband this list and make people take a Netiquette
quiz before being allowed back on.   Flames are expected on the Net.
I expect to be flamed for this very letter.  You can even use curse-words
if that makes you feel more literate.  You can even do it via Email you
are too scared to go out in public.  BUT, DON'T YOU DARE BRING THIS UP AT AN
EVENT.  I am a member.  I have paid my dues and I pay site fees and the like.
I feel that I have the right to enjoy an event in proper SCA fashion without
being bothered by mundane politics.

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 mclay at weareb.org | tech support people."  --  AOL Customer Service

PS:  Go ahead and mail "postmaster at weareb.org" or "root at weareb.org".

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