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Michael A. Chance mchance at crl.com
Tue Feb 28 10:21:33 PST 1995

Michael Clay writes:

Actually, I consider this _discussion_ list to be pretty much
identical to any other SCA-associated forum, whether electronic or
not.  Since it _is_ SCA-associated, the people participating should,
like any other SCA-associated grouping of people, be expected to
conform to the Society's usual standards of courtesy and

> What goes on here should stay here and that means Email too.

What you discuss in private e-mail is between you and the other party,
including who else  you choose to share that conversation with.
This forum, however, is public.  Further, since we _are_ discussing
topics related to the SCA (in general) and Ansteorra (in specific), I
would consider it extremely rude and presumptuous to think that
topics, statements, and ideas discussed in this forum could not be
discussed with those of the kingdom and Society who, for whatever
reason, aren't currently part of this forum.  For myself, I fully
expect people to share the things discussed here with their fellow
members of the Society who are currrently part of this list.  In fact,
I would encourage them to do so.

>     Have you people read the Netiquette document?

Yes, I have.  There is absolutely nothing in it about offensive or
abusive language being acceptable in electronic forums.  In fact, that
docucment councils precisely the opposite behavior.

> Flames are expected on the Net.

Wrong.  "Flames" _happen_ on the 'Net; they certainly are neither
expected nor tolerated behavior, in any forum, much less this one.

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