abusive e-mail from Litch

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 28 13:36:51 PST 1995

> We are all aware of the situation concerning Litch.

  Well we are all now aware, even if do not wish to be.

> What bugs me is

  Yes, but this is a discussion about the SCA. It is not as far as I can
  tell, an official entity of the SCA, but it is a gathering of SCA members.
  One should be treated with respect when dealing, alteast publicly,
  with other SCA members. This means that we should be as polite to each
  other on the list, as we are at an event. This is a very grey line
  since the Society is still fairly new to the electronic world, even
  with rec.org.sca/Rialto.

> I am not condoning Litch's actions, but you have been
> treated mildly.

  I would have to say, they were treated poorly. Litch can be quite
  abbrasive to those who do not know him, especially in private email.
  That does not give them just cause to deal with the situation as they
  did though.

> You can't run to the Baron then.

  Actually this is the one case were it would have been correct to run
  to the Baron and the nobility instead of causing a public lynching.

> Maybe we should just disband this list and make people take a Netiquette
> quiz before being allowed back on.

  I will not do this except under direct edict of the Crown. As for the
  Netiquette, that only regards your own personal postings, not how to
  deal with people who are as abbrasive as Litch can be. Please note,
  that Litch (when at an SCA event, and in his SCA persona) has never
  acted in any questionable manner that I know of.

> You can even use curse-words
> if that makes you feel more literate.

  This could be part of Litch's downfall. All too often he will revert
  to the usage of profanity, which instantly drops the intelligence of
  the converstation/discussion/argument.

> EVENT.  I am a member.  I have paid my dues and I pay site fees and the like.
> I feel that I have the right to enjoy an event in proper SCA fashion without
> being bothered by mundane politics.

  This I have to agree with 100%. Please do not cause others to be
  disturbed by your lack of manners at an Event.


Phelim Uhtred Gervase

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