abusive e-mail from litch

Meadhbhni at aol.com Meadhbhni at aol.com
Tue Feb 28 09:32:04 PST 1995

It seems Mr. Clay is upset about the reaction to the 'flames' on the list.
 Even though this is a computer list, it has the Kingdom of Ansteorra's name
attached to it.  To wit, the individuals that will be subscribing to the list
are interested in learning about the SCA.  If what they get back is rude,
vile and disgusting behavior then that is what they will think of the society
in general.  This organization has always upheld the tenets of honor,
courtesy and chivalry.  "flaming" (which yes, i have experienced on other
newsgroups on the net) is not appropriate here.  That is not a behaviour that
is condoned within the context of the SCA.  So, if you want to keep the
mailing list going, change the name to something non-SCA and flame away.
 Otherwise, you may find yourselves very lonely--no one in the SCA will
tolerate this kind of behavior!!

Oh, I have read the netiquette document,nowhere does it mention that abusive
language and behaviour is tolerated.  And you wonder why the senate has
brought up S314!!!!! (which i am against by the way).  

To put it in a  slightly different context:  you are dealing with a different
culture than most of you experience on the net.  so, we have our own
standards of behavior.  And I will not tolerate that disgusting behavior
again!!!!!!!!!  And if it means confronting Litch at an event again, I will
do it!!!!!!!

Meadhbh ni Ruaidh o Chonnemara, OL
Barony of the Stargate, Ansteorra
House Dragonshadow

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