abusive e-mail from Litch

I. Marc Carlson IMC at vax2.utulsa.edu
Tue Feb 28 09:34:45 PST 1995

>Michael Clay flames the list.  I won't quote it, but his gist is to defend
>Litch's right to behave in the fashion he has.  He states that this list is
>not the SCA, it is the Internet, and there are different rules here.  He 
>invites flames in response.

If there's one thing I have discovered from my time on the Internet, it is
that the standards by which a group of people interact are established and
maintained BY that group of people.

To be sure, "Litch" has a right to behave in whatever fashion he chooses,
just as the rest of us have the right to approve or disapprove of that
behavior, just as we would in a more physical setting.  This being the
Internet there are a few more assumptions made about what constitutes
appropriate behavior, and generally those assumptions are established by
whatever means one uses to reach the 'Net.  For example, Uselessnet and
the Commerical venders tend to be more, er, liberal in the behavior they 
will tolerate from people.  This has the unfortunate side effect of teaching
newcomers that it is appropriate to flame mindlessly, and to try and jerk
people around in their masturbatory electronic powertrips.

This has NOTHING to do with the SCA, specifically, and the codes of conduct
that are appropriate there, may or may not be appropriate here.  Ie., While 
I have no interest in a Discussion List where the people are as fussy and 
stuffy as they can be about niceties such as rank, etc. as they are in
the physical life, I also see no need to lose sight of simple courtesies.

>Michael, I'm no computer-saavy net surfer, but my understanding of Internet in
>general, and Usenet in particular, is that it is anarchy.  Why are you treating
>the "Netiquette" file as a governing document?

If he is, then he failed to either read or understand it, since "Netiquette"
pretty much suggests that behaving like a jerk is a Bad Idea.

>"Flaming" people, like beating them up physically, is an ability, not a right.
>On this list, we don't think it should be done with impunity.  I'm sure that
>those who don't share my view will let me know.

I *would* prefer that it not become the norm... :)

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