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Tue Feb 28 10:21:10 PST 1995

>    I was very upset that my weekend was interupted by MUNDANE activities.
>ESPECIALLY those of the political sort.  I am aware of the text of Litch's
>note, but I am much more offended by the resulting replies. 

>I am not condoning Litch's actions, but you have been
>treated mildly.  

>Flames are expected on the Net.
>I expect to be flamed for this very letter.  You can even use curse-words
>if that makes you feel more literate.  You can even do it via Email you
>are too scared to go out in public.  BUT, DON'T YOU DARE BRING THIS UP AT AN
>EVENT.  I am a member.  I have paid my dues and I pay site fees and the like.
>I feel that I have the right to enjoy an event in proper SCA fashion without
>being bothered by mundane politics.

Mr. Clay,

        I hope you won't regard this as a flame, for it is certainly not 
intended to be one.  In some respects I agree with you.  YOUR enjoyment of 
an event should not have been disturbed by this matter.  However, event or 
not, if I see Mr. Litchfield I will be most anxious to discuss this with 
him.  While some people may consider flaming acceptable, or even expected, I 
see no reason for tolerating deliberate rudeness.  I find it unacceptable in 
person, on the phone and on the Net.  I have seen some of Mr. Litchfield's 
letters to people who have annoyed him.  If I were to hear him speak that 
way to a lady in my presence he would find himself face first on the ground 
apologizing.  As long as people accept this sort of behavior on the Net, 
cowards like him will not change.  

                                                Benedict Foxwell 
Mundanely: Staci L. Pelham     SCA:  Isabella de Foscari

*Give me silence and I will out dare the night!*
                       -Kahlil Gibran

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