abusive e-mail from Litch

Pug pug at arlut.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 28 12:12:22 PST 1995

> I might turn your argument around and ask you if you can't deal with hearing
> about computers and computer-generated controversies at SCA events, how do
> you expect to get by in the real world when your employer calls you on
> weekends, or interupts your vacation?

Good Morning,

  I will reply to this part of the message, and only this part.

  I for one, do not have my boss contacting me outside of work unless it
  is an absolute emergency. I do not view this incident as an emergeny
  of any sorts.
  As for talking "shop" outside of work, that is my option and not at the
  whims of another. It should not be done it it interferes with the
  enjoyment of others.


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