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Tue Feb 28 13:15:20 PST 1995

>         I will be leaving for the simple fact that I don't want people like 
> Litch using my e-mail address to send me obscene letters.  Before I go, I 
> need to explain my own actions and feeling.

I will hate to see you leaving, especially for something like this. I
appologize for it going this far, but I have not seen any just or
reasonable reason to have acted any differently than I have.

As well, I do not see why being on this list will restrict people from
sending you personal mail. If you feel it will, so be it.

>         First, I have recently been studing the FCC regulations of telephone 
> transmitions.  Mr. Litchfields language, especially in his transmitions to 
> Meadhbn, breaks these laws.  I have considered turning him in.  I have 
> copies only of the transmitions to me and the list, but this is enough to 
> prosecute him.

The current FCC regulations do not allow any prosecution in this case. If
you are talking about S314, yes, he could be prosecuted if those guidelines
became the law. Until that time, he has not broken any laws except those
of manners and politeness.

>         Second, I go to the SCA for fun.  I know there are rude people 
> there, but they usually don't misbehave at events.

Has litch or any other member of this list acted to you in an
inapproriate way in public or at an event? If not, I see no need for
this being official SCA business, and should be dropped. If so, let us
take it to the appropriate authorities of the SCA, and use the proper
channels as outlined in the "Laws of the Kingdom of Ansteorra". There is
no need to require this list to be part of this matter.

> I considered this 
> mailing list to have the same rules of etiquette as an event.  Since 
> Ansteorra is a registered trademark of the SCA, if you don't want this to be 
> an SCA event, you better change the name before someone sues you.

What is considered an event by the Laws of Ansteorra has very clear cut
guidelines. This is not one. It may be a gathering of SCA members, but
it is also a gathering of non-SCA members. I will gladly change the name
of the mailing list if and when such time as I have been informed by the
Crown of this Kingdom. Until then, I am to assume that it is permissible
for this list to continue its existance.

>         Finally, I would like to say that I will miss those of you who I 
> usually chat with. Please feel free to continue e-mailing me.  I do enjoy 
> talking to you.

I am sorry and sad to see you leaving this mailing list. I would like to
think that members of the Society could work out their personal
differences, but if that is not to be the case, so be it. I do not see
why the rest of us should have to suffer because of it though.


Phelim Uhtred Gervase

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