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Tue Feb 28 12:39:13 PST 1995

To those of you on this list,

        I will be leaving for the simple fact that I don't want people like 
Litch using my e-mail address to send me obscene letters.  Before I go, I 
need to explain my own actions and feeling.

        First, I have recently been studing the FCC regulations of telephone 
transmitions.  Mr. Litchfields language, especially in his transmitions to 
Meadhbn, breaks these laws.  I have considered turning him in.  I have 
copies only of the transmitions to me and the list, but this is enough to 
prosecute him.

        Second, I go to the SCA for fun.  I know there are rude people 
there, but they usually don't misbehave at events.  I considered this 
mailing list to have the same rules of etiquette as an event.  Since 
Ansteorra is a registered trademark of the SCA, if you don't want this to be 
an SCA event, you better change the name before someone sues you.

        Third, I will admit that I am the one who asked Litch to proof read 
his messages.  I did this in private and as courtiously as I could.  I would 
not be ashamed if any of my private e-mail was posted.  I asked Litch to do 
this for the simple reason that I could not tell what he was trying to say 
sometimes.  I understand that he has some knowledge and I enjoy learning, 
but if I can't read the information, I don't really get much out of it.

        Finally, I would like to say that I will miss those of you who I 
usually chat with. Please feel free to continue e-mailing me.  I do enjoy 
talking to you.

                                                        Ldy. Isabella de Foscari
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Mundanely: Staci L. Pelham     SCA:  Isabella de Foscari

*Give me silence and I will out dare the night!*
                       -Kahlil Gibran

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