abusive e-mail from Litch

Starblade pug at eden.com
Tue Feb 28 20:51:14 PST 1995

>Mary Temple posted the follow.  My only response is that it was public.  
>Don't you see how many people have been insulted by this man?  It needed to 
>be discussed so that a solution could be found.  I'm sorry you have been 
>upset or hurt by this.  We, those of us who are directly involved, needed 
>the opinions of others on the board to decide what would be a proper course 
>of action.  Neither Litch nor Pug would respond positivly to private email.  
>This is what it took.  Don't just blame Galen, either.  There are more of us 
>who wanted to see this done.
>                                                Isa
Yes, Isabella, I know how many people were insulted by the man. I also know 
how many people were NOT insulted by him. The only reason this went public 
is because Galen insisted it go public. I have talked to Pug about Litch, 
and his responses to my queries were very positive. He refused to censor 
him, despite people repeatedly asking him to. You were the one suggesting 
people not even OPEN anything from Litch. Why not continue that policy 
instead of dragging uninvolved parties into it despite their requests to be 
left out? 

You wanted the opinions of others on a proper course of action.. Only 
problem is, you asked AFTER you took action. For the record, here is my 
opinion on it: KEEP IT PRIVATE AND OUT OF THE SCA. 'Nuff said. 

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