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Mary Temple posted the follow.  My only response is that it was public.  
Don't you see how many people have been insulted by this man?  It needed to 
be discussed so that a solution could be found.  I'm sorry you have been 
upset or hurt by this.  We, those of us who are directly involved, needed 
the opinions of others on the board to decide what would be a proper course 
of action.  Neither Litch nor Pug would respond positivly to private email.  
This is what it took.  Don't just blame Galen, either.  There are more of us 
who wanted to see this done.


>>Near as I can tell, I am faulted by several for posting "private" e-mail to 
>the list.
>Ok...I have known about this situation for the past day, and have been 
>talking to several people on and off about it all day today, and am finally 
>ready to voice my own (and no one else's) opinion and say: I am deeply 
>I am not offended by Litch's PRIVATE messages, nor am I offended by your 
>posting of said messages publicly without the author's permission. I am 
>offended because you, Galen, dragged me into this without asking me if I 
>wanted to be involved. I did not, and still DO NOT, but that choice has been 
>taken from me, and I was NEVER asked, nor was I given a chance to say so 
>until after the fact.
>I was one of those who complained to Pug about PRIVATE conversations being 
>dragged out into the open where I was FORCED to deal with the people 
>involved in a way not of my own choosing. Personally, when Litch posts 
>something "abrasive" (or whatever term you wish to use) I simply take a deep 
>breath, and delete it. I have learned this the hard way from other flame 
>wars I have been invovled with.
>>My purpose was simple.  The sort of effect such e-mail has on people is a 
>>"chilling effect" on their participation. 
>So is having supposedly "private" email dragged out into the public without 
>one's permission or knowledge. I for one am much less likely to engage in a 
>conversation with you via email now that I know what you can and will do if 
>YOU feel it is "necessary", irregardless of how I may feel. 
>> If someone is allowed to send
>>such notes in secret to individuals, each thinks that he is alone, and the
>>sender can terrorize them one by one.  What I did was to shine a light on an
>>activity that wants darkness for its effect.  
>Personally, I would have chosen another method of doing it, but that's 
>another subject.
>>I have a sincere desire to get along with the people on this list; including
>>Mordraut, who is all but a brother to me, including Pug, even including Litch.
>>But in my life I have had occasion to learn that "getting along with" is not
>>synonymous with "passively accepting abuse from".
>But Galen,what you did to ME, by dragging me into something that concerned 
>only you and Litch, also could be construed as "abuse". 
>>I believe that my conduct has been appropriate for the circumstances.  
>I do not agree. I believe it was highly INappropriate. What started in 
>private should have been kept in private, if simply out of courtesy for 
>those who were uninvolved before you brought it public. Like me.
>>For any inconvenience to anyone, and specifically to Mr. Litchfield, from the
>>length of my lines of type, I apologize; I shall endeavor to do better.
>>Given similar circumstances, I expect I would react similarly.
>I hope you don't...I find it discourteous to be FORCED to witness other 
>people's squabbles.
>>I remain,
>>Viscount Galen of Bristol
>>"Noblesse Oblige"
>Once again, so that no one can misconstrue my message, I am not getting into 
>the issue of "abusive" email from Litch, only about the issue being taken 
>Mary Temple
>(note - this is NOT my persona name. I believe this is an Internet issue, 
>not an SCA issue.)
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