abusive e-mail from Litch

isabella_and_benedict at mail.utexas.edu isabella_and_benedict at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Feb 28 18:53:23 PST 1995

>  I have not stated that his notes were mild. I have seen, what I
>  interpret, as a request from Isabella to have his account removed from
>  this list. As well, the collection of this information can only be for
>  one end in my opinion; to have him banned. If I am mistaken in this matter
>  I do truly appologize, and will do so to all involved.

No, I didn't want him removed.  I want him to learn how to "play well with 

>  Yes, but part of "getting along" is the ability of individuals to work
>  out problems without having to make it a public spectical. Which is
>  what I am seeing here.

The problem with this is that the matter stopped being personal when so many 
people became involved.  Look at how many people Litch has upset.  We all 
tryed sending him private requests to quit behaving in such a manner, but 
all we got were more rude responses.  When we, those of us who received rude 
mail, found out that we were not the only ones, we felt obligated to stop 
this before more people got hurt.  

Ya'll must realize, I am a nineteen year old computer major at UT.  I know a 
lot about computers.  Litch felt a need to repremand me, something that this 
nineteen year old hasn't had done to her in years(!), for a mistake I had 
already realized.  Litch said that he must respond to get people to quit 
sending private mail to the mailer.  Not so, I realized my mistake when I 
received a copy.  I didn't need his very rude letter.  I hope that my 
proposal will help either as a solution or as a way to get other people to 
post possible solutions.

Mundanely: Staci L. Pelham     SCA:  Isabella de Foscari

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                       -Kahlil Gibran

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