Map of Western Ansteorra

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Thu Feb 23 06:23:31 PST 1995

Here is a map of west Texas.  I've noted the Time Zone line      +
with '+' marks.  The "X" marks the location of Guadalupe Peak.   +
Those of us with an interest in mapmaking want to know whether   +
the Time Zone                                                    +
boundary is                                                      +
the border.          ---------------------------++++++++++++++++++
                      \_ElPaso|            |X   +
It is a bit of an       \_ Co.|            ++++++
unclean line (what        \_  |            +             
with the little jog         \_|  Hudspeth  + Culberson
it takes around Guadalupe     \_  County   +  County
Peak), but I can certainly      \_         +
live with it, if that is what     \_       +
had been previously decided.        \_     +
On the other hand, it might be        \_   +
interesting to have an occasional       \_ +       Davis
Border War with the Outlands over         +_     Mountains
ownership of Guadalupe Peak (a sort         \
of "King of the Mountain" thing).            \
Another option is to claim everything          \                         ___
right up to the edge of El Paso County.         \                      _/   \
                                                 \_                  _/      
As I had previously posted, I had been in          \_              _/
touch with the seneschals of both Ansteorra and      \_  Big Bend /
the Outlands about four years ago, to try to get       \_Nat Park/
this resolved, but was not authoritatively success-      \_     /
ful.  I thank those posters who weighed in with their      \___/
opinions, and I continue to look for any pointers to
Treaties between the two Kingdoms which can settle this.

If there are no treaties, I would view that fact to be quite "period," and it 
makes this quandary even more intriguing, to my way of thinking...

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