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>Ok, here is my first corpora post:
>"Corpora, Preface A. Introduction

To be honest, I've given much though to how I should, or if I should reply
to this message.   

As no one has suggested (in *this* thread at least) seriously attempting to 
force or enforce "re-enaction organization" standards in the SCA, I was a 
trifle confused about your stressing the differences between "Study" and 
"Re-Create", and was concerned that might in fact be a statement of your 
Official Position on the matter.  However, your noting of the Articles
of Incorporation and the General Introduction does suggest that this is
indeed not the case.

I have some comments on both the Recreation aspects of what you quote,
as well the use of the term "Living History".  This should not be, in any
way inferred to be a criticism of you or your message.

It is clear that re-creation is not antithetical to the purposes of the SCA,
but is stressed in the General Introduction, and stated clearly in II.b)
of the Articles of Incorporation not simply as an adjunct to, but a Physical 
Manifestation of the more abstract traditional research we are BOUND to

Regarding the term "Living History" (as in the General Introduction where we
are regarded as part of the "LH movement"), I *strongly* question its
appropriateness for use in the SCA (as the organization currently exists), for
without the STRICT enforcement of authenticity *required* by the more generally
accepted LH groups, such as Williamsburg, and so forth, to describe us as such
is as great a pretention I have seen in my association with the Society.  I am
not advocating an active alteration in the functioning of the Society, but I
*really* wish people wouldn't use the term when describing us to the Media,
since it's just not true.

>Hmmmm, seems like our governing documents place a lot of emphasis on study and
>some on reproducing aspects. Only once in the "Articles of Incorporation" does
>the word re-create come up.
>" present activities and events which re-create the environment
>  of said era, such as, but not limited to torunaments, jousts, fairs,
>  dances, classes, et cetera..."

Yes, but that one occurance is *highly* significant, I believe.

>I myself feel we have a part of our population who are more intersted in 
>doing the fantasy thing, or the party thing and not necessarily in doing
>research and showing the fruits of that research.

This much is obvious :)

>I am a firm believer in getting back to our roots as stated in our governing
>documents above, but not at the expense of the fun of our armed combat or
>rapier combat (both of which in my mind have become a sport- but that is ok
>too). There are those in the heavy and light community, because of that
>participation have done much study into period styles and have educated us in
>this. Our people get interested by participating in our activities, and we
>should encourage the study and research as they stick around. 

I could not agree more.

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