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Funny  how things have worked out
I've awakened a Sinister old Dragon Foe with  Clout
I could have forgave yet you called me a Knave
Now I have to  behave as a Knight who goes into a cave
and Drag this Dragon out
from  whence he doth hide and pout
to the sunlight for all to see
Now my  (S)words STRIKE at thee...

His tale is true, to this I cannot lie
An insult to Amazons, I did abide.
The insult was great, the words most vile
For a year and a day, I faced a great trial.
It is true , Sir -No army was raised
For the fear of the Amazons was truly great praise.
I could have slunk into the cave of disgrace
and ran like a coward, wouldn't you in my place?
But a vow I did make and a vow I would keep.
To the next Banner War on the field I would sleep.
For I know in my heart, I had only two choices.
Stand alone on the field against Amazons many voices
Or place bended knee before the Regina the Fair
And beg for my life, before She and all who were there.
So to Regina I went with gifts from my lands
Broaches and strong drink, I placed in her hands-
along with my life, I forfeited on that day.
"Do with me as you will", was all I could say.
Regina was wise and taught me lessons well
She taught me HONOR as clear as a bell
She taught me HUMILITY and all it acquires
She taught me FEAR, like a flame from a pyre.
I grew as a man that night, before Regina's court,
I have tried since then, Her lessons still retort
For as a Baron of the King and his advisor still
Regina's worthy lessons I pass on at Her will.
My memories from that time grow dim in my mind
But other things come forth from my mind at that  time.
For when Regina and I parted, we parted as friends
No longer foes but allies to the end.
My body and my sword I pledged to Her all.
A pledge never redeemed, I still await Her call.
So Sir, insult me- call me what you will.
My vow to Regina resides within me still
If you seek GLORY in killing an old man
No VIRTUE is in you, from where I do stand.
But thinks of the LEGEND spoken around the drinking cup
Of the old man who fought and died well before the young pup. 

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