[Ansteorra] Gulf War word fame - Regional Banners

Dennis England sirbalvin at cox.net
Wed Mar 29 06:46:24 PST 2006

The banners truly are magnificent.  I was proud to accept ours for the
Northern Region.  I will see that it is displayed at our northern regional
fighter practices.

Thank you all for your craftsmanship and dedication.
Riddari Balvin Thorfinnsson
Northern Regional Commander
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> I had hoped there were photos posted by now so that I could do this word
> fame justice by showing you the visuals.
> At the Ansteorra court His Majesty Mahdi called forth the brave commanders
> of our Kingdom's regional armies. He spoke words of bravery, words of
> honorable deeds, words of inspiration for us all. He then showed and
> presented each region with their own War Banner.
> These banners are a sight to behold. They hang lengthwise off 9 foot
> The blood of our fallen foes flow brightly their dark crimsom color as the
> Black star rises above it all. For each region the star is covered in gold
> to point out where they are from.
> Here is the design work for them until someone can post images of them.
> http://www.glove.org/banners/
> These magnificent banner were created by the following two very hard
> ladies:
> Creator of Concept and Design into Fabric Form: Galen of Innis Mert
> Concept:HL Esther of Ennis Merth
> Design: HL Chiara Francesca
> HL Chiara Francesca
> TRM Head of Entourage
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