[Ansteorra] Gulf War word fame - Regional Banners

gail young gwynethb63 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 03:46:20 PST 2006

These were absolutely beautiful.  Perhaps some of them will show up at Crown this weekend?

Chiara Francesca <chiara.francesca at gmail.com> wrote:
  I had hoped there were photos posted by now so that I could do this word 
fame justice by showing you the visuals.

At the Ansteorra court His Majesty Mahdi called forth the brave commanders 
of our Kingdom's regional armies. He spoke words of bravery, words of great 
honorable deeds, words of inspiration for us all. He then showed and 
presented each region with their own War Banner.

These banners are a sight to behold. They hang lengthwise off 9 foot poles. 
The blood of our fallen foes flow brightly their dark crimsom color as the 
Black star rises above it all. For each region the star is covered in gold 
to point out where they are from.

Here is the design work for them until someone can post images of them.

These magnificent banner were created by the following two very hard working 
Creator of Concept and Design into Fabric Form: Galen of Innis Mert
Concept:HL Esther of Ennis Merth
Design: HL Chiara Francesca

HL Chiara Francesca
TRM Head of Entourage 

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