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Not to mention Mistress Clare R ST. John herself, literally the
map maker/drafter of the Kingdom as we know it. :)

It is a great story that must be told again. :)

HL Chiara
Kingdom Webminister, Ansteorra


nweders at mail.utexas.edu said:
>   I would suggest for some of the earlier women you migh tthink
> about
> Mistress Aurelianne Rioghail who was the first Star Principal
> Herald,
> very  instrumental in the early history of the Steppes (and was
> a Baroness
> of that same group),  was the originator fo the name Ansteorra,
> dsigned
> much of the armorial art of the Kingdom was a Laurel and a
> Pelican.
> I also strongly suggest Duchess Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm who
> lives in the
> Outlands but lived in Steppes for many years and also was an
> early mover
> and shaker.
> Her Grace Duchess Willow de Wisp, without a doubt, I second
> that suggestion.
> I think though rather than go into individuals I would suggest
> in total the
> "Women of Bjornsborg".  (Kemreth, Thordis, Athena, Bryony,
> Mari, Constance
> et al.)
> I also suggest Mistress Gunnora who has been a mainstay in the
> Arts and
> Sciences as well as Bjornsborg.  Who has not heard of the
> Viking Answer Lady.
> Yrs most sincerely,
> Clare R ST. John
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