[Ansteorra] Women in Ansteorra History

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Fri Mar 31 05:56:37 PST 2006

  I would suggest for some of the earlier women you migh tthink about

Mistress Aurelianne Rioghail who was the first Star Principal Herald, 
very  instrumental in the early history of the Steppes (and was a Baroness 
of that same group),  was the originator fo the name Ansteorra, dsigned 
much of the armorial art of the Kingdom was a Laurel and a Pelican.

I also strongly suggest Duchess Leah Kasmira of Natterhelm who lives in the 
Outlands but lived in Steppes for many years and also was an early mover 
and shaker.

Her Grace Duchess Willow de Wisp, without a doubt, I second that suggestion.

I think though rather than go into individuals I would suggest in total the 
"Women of Bjornsborg".  (Kemreth, Thordis, Athena, Bryony, Mari, Constance 
et al.)

I also suggest Mistress Gunnora who has been a mainstay in the Arts and 
Sciences as well as Bjornsborg.  Who has not heard of the Viking Answer Lady.

Yrs most sincerely,

Clare R ST. John

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