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Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Fri Mar 31 07:52:59 PST 2006

> My first series would concentrate on those ladies that
> embody all that is good and "right" in our Medieval
> world. These are the Ladies we look up to and  admire...
> noble of bearing, beauteous, gracious, kind and generous.
> Everything we think a lady should be.  Try to think of a
> lady that you would be proud to represent our kingdom
> regardless of were she goes.  I personally can think
> of a couple right off the top of my head but would love
> to get impute from everyone.
> Thanks for your help.
> Octavia
> Chronicler of shire of Brad Leah

I would suggest that the above sounds like a good starting description of 
"playing persona" with the particular culture bits for flavor the only 
thing lacking. That means your description could be that of a Lion -- and 
we have only 9 ladies who have achieved that award (only 18% compared to 
82% male Lions): Megan Andoniel of Glengalen, Aeruin ni hEarain o Chonnemara, Willow de Wisp, Sieglinda Syr, Mari ferch Rathtyen, Phillipa of Rookhaven, Thordis (Freydis) Hakonarsdottir, Gunnora (Halakarva) silfraharr and Tessa of the Gardens.

IMHO, we need more lady Lions! If you know of a good candidate(s), please 
send recommendation letter(s) to the Crown.

Province of Mooneschadowe

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