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Carl Chipman cchipman at nomadics.com
Thu May 17 10:15:26 PDT 2001

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Bob Charon, a respected member of the, will be leading a symposium (its
all day long) on the period fighting manual "Flos Duellatorum" by Fiore
de Liberi (c.1410).  "Flos Duellatorum" is

"Fiore dei Liberi's 'Flos Duellatorum, or 'Flower of Battle' is an
Italian manual written in 1410 (Note: This particular version of the
Liberi manuscript is sourced from Francesco Novati, 1903 of the
Pisani-Dossi collection), and is primarily composed of illustrations
with short rhyming captions in Italian. Sections on wrestling, dagger,
sword, spear, two handed sword, armored combat, pollaxe, and mounted
combat. Considerable discussion of disarming techniques. Two-handed
sword (spadone) has the greatest emphasis..."
(quote provided by
http://www.aemma.org/onlineResources/liberi/liberiHome.htm, where you
can find a lot more cool period fighting techniques).

It will be down in the Dallas area on either the 8th or 15th of July and
should cost less the $40 per person.  The organizers are soliciting
preferences about the date.  If you are interested in attending please
reply to  Joe Skeesick at jskeesick at ibeam.com as soon as possible.  The
8th is coronation, so it will probably not be that day.   Most probably
will be the 15th.

For review of Bob's class go here:

I and Asoph will probably be going.  Alton has mentioned interest as
well as Owen.  Anyone else?

We currently know of about 13 people, and need bout seven more.

Jean Paul de Sens

Carl Chipman
Nomadics, Inc.
cchipman at nomadics.com


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