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greetings jean paul!
if canacan can catch a ride with someone, he would love to go. (the 15th is
better for him.)

vivant le rêveur,
lady julienne de lion

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>Bob Charon, a respected member of the, will be leading a symposium (its
>all day long) on the period fighting manual "Flos Duellatorum" by Fiore
>de Liberi (c.1410).  "Flos Duellatorum" is
>"Fiore dei Liberi's 'Flos Duellatorum, or 'Flower of Battle' is an
>Italian manual written in 1410 (Note: This particular version of the
>Liberi manuscript is sourced from Francesco Novati, 1903 of the
>Pisani-Dossi collection), and is primarily composed of illustrations
>with short rhyming captions in Italian. Sections on wrestling, dagger,
>sword, spear, two handed sword, armored combat, pollaxe, and mounted
>combat. Considerable discussion of disarming techniques. Two-handed
>sword (spadone) has the greatest emphasis..."
>(quote provided by
>http://www.aemma.org/onlineResources/liberi/liberiHome.htm, where you
>can find a lot more cool period fighting techniques).
>It will be down in the Dallas area on either the 8th or 15th of July and
>should cost less the $40 per person.  The organizers are soliciting
>preferences about the date.  If you are interested in attending please
>reply to  Joe Skeesick at jskeesick at ibeam.com as soon as possible.  The
>8th is coronation, so it will probably not be that day.   Most probably
>will be the 15th.
>For review of Bob's class go here:
>I and Asoph will probably be going.  Alton has mentioned interest as
>well as Owen.  Anyone else?
>We currently know of about 13 people, and need bout seven more.
>Jean Paul de Sens
>Carl Chipman
>Nomadics, Inc.
>cchipman at nomadics.com
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