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Fri May 18 12:09:20 PDT 2001

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I have been listening to all of the comments being made since the news of the
departure of TE Sigen and Thorgrim.

First, I would like to say that I had hoped that the Oklahoma/Texas feud was
a thing of the past.  There are a great many people from Ansteorra's northern
region which I admire and respect and it has nothing to do with geography.
We may live in different parts of the kingdom but we are all Ansteorran.

Secondly, I take personal offense to the notion that the Crown's decisions
are "arbitrary".  Every major decision made by the Crown comes after much
deliberation and with the counsel from Peers and Nobles.  It would be nice if
every decision the Crown had to make was easy and affected no one.

Also, keep in mind, this "Texas" Crown has been trying to resolve internal
problems between various Oklahoman groups.   This was not a "Texas"-created
issue.  The various factions from the Oklahoma groups requested from the
"Texas" Crown His Royal intervention in bringing things to an amicable
resolution.  In appears Their decision is considered artribary only by those
that the decision does not favor.  I, personally, have been involved in
trying to bring to an end the recent problems in the Northern region.  On His
Majesty's behalf, I met with the Peers and Nobles of the region and was left
with the promise that all in attendance would do their very best to resolve
all issues.  The meeting was held in an effort to bring harmony to an
otherwise troubled area.

It appears judgments are being made without having complete unbiased
awareness of the issues at hand.  I ask you now to think twice before judging
the actions of Their Royal Majesties on this issue.

And by the way, this "Texas" Crown is Ansteorra's Crown both Oklahoman and

In Service,
Duke Patrick Michael Gordonne

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