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Timothy Adams toadams at hotmail.com
Fri May 18 15:10:37 PDT 2001

>Secondly, I take personal offense to the notion that the Crown's decisions
>are "arbitrary".
Please don't take offense, I doubt that the Crown asked them to step aside
on a spur of the moment. We (the NK populace) just don't know why so it
seems kinda arbitrary to us, the average joe.

>The various factions from the Oklahoma groups requested from the
>"Texas" Crown His Royal intervention in bringing things to an >amicable
Then tell us the amicable resolution...

Cause the only one my mind comes up with is TE Northkeep lost the
political battle and where axed.

>It appears judgments are being made without having complete unbiased
>awareness of the issues at hand.  I ask you now to think twice before
>judging the actions of Their Royal Majesties on this issue.
I can only make judgements and think on things I know, being that I am not a
Peer of the Realm.  I really have no unbiased information to base a
judgement on, all I know is someone I respected has just told to step aside.
Now I am not a fool I understand The SCA is ran by the Peerage's, and the
Crown.  This is not a democracy so there are alot of things that are done
that the normal populace don't see the issues behind or,  understand.

Are you willing to inform us of these issues?

>And by the way, this "Texas" Crown is Ansteorra's Crown both >Oklahoman and
yes, thanks for reminding us.



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