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Fri May 18 16:15:04 PDT 2001

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To my good friends in Northkeep
       I know we are angry.  But I urge you again to please consider your
words.  Everyone is watching to see what we will do.  Our honor and our
character is being tested here in full view of everyone.  I for one do not
intend to fail.  We are feeling an enormous amount of anger right now.  That
kind of anger can destroy us if we let it.  Please don't let that happen.
The Crown did what they thought best for their own reasons.  They have that
right.  It's done and there is nothing we can do about it.  Lashing out at
the Crown will do nothing but stain our reputation.  The words of a few
spoken in anger will reflect on all of us.

Your Grace.

       I have always held you in the highest respect.  I've seen you to be a
man of honor and character.  You have demonstrated an intense loyalty to our
Crown and Kingdom.  You hold yourself to the highest moral standards and
expect the same standards from others.  All traits you share with Thorgrim
and Sigen.  Could we perhaps add compassion to that list?
       Northkeep is hurting.  Whatever Thorgrim and Sigen did or didn't do
Northkeep didn't deserve this.  We are a thriving, growing Barony.  We seldom
fight among ourselves and when we do we resolve them quickly and amicably.
We set a standard of excellence and achievement that I would match against
any group in the kingdom.  We're playing the game the way it should be
played.  We didn't deserve this.
       We are hurt, angry and confused.  We don't know why this happened and
we don't know what's going to happen next.  And were having to go through
this without our leaders.  Without the rock that we've relied on for years.
We could use something a little more productive than being chided for words
spoken by a few in the heat of anger.  Does the Crown have any idea how much
harm and pain has been caused by this?  What ever you have heard from others
in the region we loved our Baron and Baroness.  They were not unpopular here.
 They were the ones who lead us to be the great barony that we are.  We need
to know why this happened and what is going to happen next.  How long will we
have to wait?

Robert Fitzmorgan

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