[Northkeep] What else???

Carla Glenn cianaoh at yahoo.com
Mon May 21 22:15:14 PDT 2001

Okay I have had enough!!  I have sat back and watched as people are
just getting out of hand!!  STOP IT!!!  STOP IT NOW!!!  Quit acting
like selfish little children.  Yes, it is nice to see people speaking
their minds and getting out the anger that we all feel…BUT this
name-calling and child-like behavior (from everyone) has got to stop!!

In my personal opinion, the Crown did this so that they could sit back
and watch as Northkeep tears itself apart.  Northkeep is part of who is
behind the Principality movement!!  Do you not see what is going on!!
People please, think about what you say and do before you publicly tear
others in the Barony apart!!  I’m not pointing fingers at any one
individual…we are ALL guilty of it!!  Take your arguments with each
other private!  Do Not Allow the rest of Ansteorra to see your

Northkeep has always been a strong force to be reckoned with…this is
the face we need to show to the outside world!!  Not this inner
bickering!!  Show the Crown, the Kingdom of Ansteorra and the rest of
the Known World just what the Barony of Northkeep is made of!!

In Service To Northkeep…


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