[Northkeep] Why Michael?

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Mon May 21 23:06:58 PDT 2001

my apologies to the list,

I made the assumption, and an ass of myself, not an ass of myself and

I assumed an Honorable Lord would ask such stupid and personal questions
privately and not on a public list.

I was incorrect.


^ ^Michael
^ ^       Why are you still here?  What are you getting out of the
^ ^society now?
^ ^What's the appeal?  Do you enjoy hurting people?   Do you enjoy
^ ^making things
^ ^worse?  Do you enjoy standing around slinging the s**t while the
^ ^rest of us
^ ^are trying to clean up the mess?  If you do that's really really
^ ^sad and if
^ ^you don't then why are you doing it?  I've said that I don't
^ ^understand what
^ ^motivates those who are trying to tear us apart but maybe it's
^ ^just because I
^ ^haven't asked.  So I'm asking.  I don't mean that as an attack, I really
^ ^would like to understand why you are doing what you are doing.  Or do you
^ ^actully believe that you are not hurting people and not making
^ ^things worse?
^ ^
^ ^Robert
^ ^
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