[Northkeep] Why Michael?

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Mon May 21 23:02:27 PDT 2001

robert you aren't trying to clean up and mess, you are trying to get
everyone to see how important you are

I am here because I want to be, and someone like me NEED'S to be here, Odin
only knows what if would be like if milk toast scared possums like yourself
were the only ones playing.

I don't enjoy hurting people any more than you do.

I think people like you who think you are the ones tearing us apart with
your head in the sand. What motivates me is people whom you respect, lie,
break kingdom law, verbally and physically threaten other players and then
get away with it because people like you believe what they say and not what
they do.

I am sorry if it hurts to hear the truth, but if you would pull your head
out of your ass and quit asking stupid questions of insignificant players
and ask the hard questions of the abusers in power then maybe it wouldn't
hurt for such a long period of time.

Do you think your head in the sand doesn't hurt people also, or you one of
those holier than thou types that can't see we are ALL a little bit

Blame it all on me if it makes you feel better, but your head will still be
up your ass.

How or what am I doing that is still making it worse, because belle the
stupid is holier than thou and she wants to protect her do-gooder two faced
friends teresa and jerry from the horrors of being in the same order as I

You blame the person who sees the problem and says something and not the
problem itself.

but as long as attempting to vilify me makes you feel better, bring it on
little man...

nothing I have said or done comes close to the things the crown and their
representative have done, open your eyes...

^ ^Michael
^ ^       Why are you still here?  What are you getting out of the
^ ^society now?
^ ^What's the appeal?  Do you enjoy hurting people?   Do you enjoy
^ ^making things
^ ^worse?  Do you enjoy standing around slinging the s**t while the
^ ^rest of us
^ ^are trying to clean up the mess?  If you do that's really really
^ ^sad and if
^ ^you don't then why are you doing it?  I've said that I don't
^ ^understand what
^ ^motivates those who are trying to tear us apart but maybe it's
^ ^just because I
^ ^haven't asked.  So I'm asking.  I don't mean that as an attack, I really
^ ^would like to understand why you are doing what you are doing.  Or do you
^ ^actully believe that you are not hurting people and not making
^ ^things worse?
^ ^
^ ^Robert
^ ^
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