[Northkeep] Why Michael?

Michael Heydon mdheydon at swbell.net
Tue May 22 00:48:10 PDT 2001

belle dragged herself into this

this is pretty face to face...

if you have enough tact to keep it off the list, then why didn't you, having
a blond day?

^ ^[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
^ ^Ok what you are doing may not be as tactful as what Robert said
^ ^but Atleast
^ ^he didn't drag any one else into the e mail. I really think you
^ ^owe bella and
^ ^apology. If this is what an honorable man is in Northkeep then
^ ^Odin help us!
^ ^I know many of the Northkeep players and have for years and this
^ ^is not an
^ ^acceptable way of treating each other. Come on Atleast back in
^ ^the dark ages
^ ^we had to do it either behind each others back or face to face. Not like
^ ^this! And believe me my Lord if you would like to get into an
^ ^argument then
^ ^this red head is more then willing to do it with you but Atleast
^ ^I will have
^ ^enough tact to keep it off the list.
^ ^In service to the kingdom,
^ ^Lady Susannah Blackthorne

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