[Northkeep] Why Michael?

MBC71798 at aol.com MBC71798 at aol.com
Mon May 21 21:50:46 PDT 2001

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Ok what you are doing may not be as tactful as what Robert said but Atleast
he didn't drag any one else into the e mail. I really think you owe bella and
apology. If this is what an honorable man is in Northkeep then Odin help us!
I know many of the Northkeep players and have for years and this is not an
acceptable way of treating each other. Come on Atleast back in the dark ages
we had to do it either behind each others back or face to face. Not like
this! And believe me my Lord if you would like to get into an argument then
this red head is more then willing to do it with you but Atleast I will have
enough tact to keep it off the list.
In service to the kingdom,
Lady Susannah Blackthorne

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