[Northkeep] Why Michael?

Fitzmorgan at cs.com Fitzmorgan at cs.com
Mon May 21 21:45:34 PDT 2001

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In a message dated 5/21/01 9:20:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
mdheydon at swbell.net writes:

> my apologies to the list,
> I made the assumption, and an ass of myself, not an ass of myself and
> robert...
> I assumed an Honorable Lord would ask such stupid and personal questions
> privately and not on a public list.
> I was incorrect.
> M

Michael is correct about 1 thing at least.  I should have asked that question
privatly.  I apologize to him and to those who had to see that.  It was wrong
of me to have asked that in public.  Based on that last message I don't see
any possability of us seeing eye to eye on this.  Clearly nothing I can say
will have any influence on you continuing to do what you are doing.  So if
it's all the same with you I'd just as soon discontinue this and any other
public or private discussions with you.  Nothing usefull can come of them.
Again I apologize


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