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> Michael
>        Why are you still here?  What are you getting out of the society now?
> What's the appeal?  Do you enjoy hurting people?   Do you enjoy making
> things
> worse?  Do you enjoy standing around slinging the s**t while the rest of us
> are trying to clean up the mess?  If you do that's really really sad and if
> you don't then why are you doing it?  I've said that I don't understand what
> motivates those who are trying to tear us apart but maybe it's just because
> I
> haven't asked.  So I'm asking.  I don't mean that as an attack, I really
> would like to understand why you are doing what you are doing.  Or do you
> actully believe that you are not hurting people and not making things worse?
> Robert

When we publish things in either the saga or any other publication we have to
put in a disclaimer. Should we start putting these on e mails or what?? Not
to be caddy but come on people. No one has the corner market on hurt feelings
and we all need to support each other right now. I agree with Robert. OMG I
think that is a first. Don't have a heart attack now. As I have said many
times, we have to create our own fun. When it stops being fun then stop
playing it is simple as that. But no matter what remember that this is a
game. Did you ever get upset at a DM when he kicked your charator out of the
game?? Did you start a slam fest on the DM or did you just go on.
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